COVID-19 and Childcare

What help can parents get with childcare and early childhood education services?

From Monday 6 April 2020, childcare and early childhood education services will be free for Australian parents. This will mean parents can access the care they need and allow for childcare centres to remain open.

The Government will be paying childcare centres directly, based on the number of children who were in enrolled in care between Monday 17 February 2020 through to 28 February 2020.

The current Childcare Subsidy and Additional Childcare Subsidy will be suspended while the new arrangement is in place.

Parents who have taken their child out of childcare after 23 March 2020 can return them and the gap fee normally charged will be waived.

Parents who have ended their child’s enrolment since 17 February are encouraged to contact their childcare centre to renew their arrangements. This means they can send their child to the centre for free until normal childcare arrangements can resume.

Services providing after-hours school care and vacation care will also be included in the new arrangement.

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