Free Orientation

Children thrive when families and educators work in partnership to support their wellbeing and learning. Our free orientation allows your child to experience their new environment whilst also giving educators and parents the opportunity to meet.

We take this opportunity to get to know each child and their family, enabling families to become familiar with our service, educators, and program. We understand that every family is unique, and that when you enrol your child, we are embarking on a journey with you and your family.

Meaningful, respectful, and supportive relationships with families contribute to a smooth transition and quality outcomes for children at our service. This smooth transition forms the basis of ongoing trust and communication between families and our team.

We understand that families want to know their child’s wellbeing and education is a priority to all at the service. We ensure that everyone involved with their child is confident in their role, skilled, knowledgeable and values the child and their family from their very first day.

In regard to toileting, if you are currently in the process of toilet training, we will work closely with you and your child to foster this transition. In this case, if your child is still in the process of this training, you must send your child to school with a pull up on, and spare ones for throughout the day.

We provide morning tea and lunch for your child during their orientation, and we also advise you to bring the following items which will be needed daily throughout their time at the centre.

  • A backpack

  • Fitted cot sheet

  • Change of clothes

  • Hat (one can be purchased upon enrolment if preferred)

Enquire above to book in your free orientation!


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