Our Fees

Our feasible $90 a day price is an affordable rate for all families and still ensures the very best Five Senses Childcare service. We have many programs in place in order to support your child to maximise their potential. Both our internally written, and externally written programs, including the Transition to School, School Readiness and Education Program is all covered by the daily fee.

This daily fee also includes, all meals; breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon prepared by our certified cook.

We also host many events to celebrate your child’s achievements as well as exciting times of the year. All families are welcome to our end of year graduation ceremony, Christmas party, and Easter party. We also host a Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day morning tea to enhance children’s sense of Being, Belonging, and Becoming.

To further prepare children for their transition to primary school, children are invited to participate in excursions to local primary schools, supermarkets, post offices, ovals and libraries. These excursions enhance independency, self-regulation skills, and road safety skills.

Incursions are organised to ensure children are confident and involved learners. The service coordinates with professionals in the community including;

  • Swim Safety programs

  • Healthy Harold

  • Pet Safety programs

  • KindiFarms

  • Living Eggs

  • Feature creatures

  • NSW Police, Ambulance and Fire Departments

These opportunities educate children to take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing. This is a fun, yet educational way for all children to enhance their independent skills and learn about the wider world!

All these events are covered by our affordable daily fee!

We work closely with parents to ensure any financial concerns are alleviated and if possible, that any government subsidy is granted.


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