"Communication and transparency between educators and families is a key concept in ensuring that all potential growth for your child is met."

Through our service app, Appsessment, we can communicate with families constantly, by providing real-time updates, uploading pictures/videos, daily diaries, monthly newsletters, event announcements, dates, and reminders. This app allows us to log your child’s progress through their profile, which can be immediately accessed by families  from their own app.

The app also includes many family forms, to support families parenting skills, and to increase information sharing with us. Upon enrolment you will be given your link to access the app.

Both our quality improvement plan, and our policies in review are communicated with parents to inform them of our ever-changing policies and plans to suit and adapt to a changing environment.

Our app supports collaborative partnerships with families and the community, and has an extremely important part in helping us to achieve all elements of Quality Area 6 (ACECQA).

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